The Big Duck- Long Island's post modern architectural gem- is something I am continually inspired by. Via Solidworks, I modeled the duck as a pull-back race car. I initially thought it could be a potential souvenir for the shop inside the duck. He was 3D printed, and is currently being put together. 

The Big Duck is a historical monument located in Flander, New York. Originally built in 1931 to sell ducks and duck eggs on the side of the road, the Big Duck has become a post modern gem, and is what is referenced when a building is referred to as being a “duck”. Something that I am continually inspired by, I decided to pay homage to the Big Duck and create a Solidworks model of him that would act as a pull back race car, containing a motor and wheels.

Wanting to capture the beauty of the Big Duck on Solidworks, I began with some sketches to get the form down. I was very inspired by Robert Venturi’s sketches of the Big Duck. Even though this was a computer software based project, I didn’t want to compromise or lose sight of the 3 dimensinoal design principles of the Big Duck that make it such a beautiful building.










Sketch by Robert Venturi from “Learning from Las Vegas”