Shrimp pastel- Montana Spray Paint's best named can of paint. A chair design inspired by the mix of materials, post modern principles, and the excellent naming conventions of Montana Spray Paint. 

I began the design journey to creating a chair with 5 three dimensional studies. When I began designing, I was very inspired by post modern industrial design and post modern furniture principles, so this inspiration got me going in the direction I would eventually choose to explore. ​

Inspiration- form, color, material, function, location, etc. I was heavily influenced by all aspects post-modern; the BEST Tilt Building, Robert Venturi’s Proust chair, Ettore Sottssas’s choice of color and angle, etc.

Alongside many three dimensional sketches, I also did quick hand sketches to excercise ideas quicker and in a more time/cost efficient manner.

In the next batch of sketches, I wanted to explore every form opportunity that I was interested in. These sketches, in addition to others, helped me get all of my ideas out. What I found to be successful in these sketches was a “floating” feeling some sketches were achieving with light and airy legs, which I chose to ideate upon further in my next sketches.

With these models I further explored and ideated upon the design I chose to go forward with, making variations on seat height, angle, leg angle, the way the legs would be produced (one bent piece vs. individual pieces for each bend), seat shape and bend, and jointery. Through this I decided upon the model on the right, although jointery exploration/leg placement still needed to be explored for the final design for production.

The final design that I have settled on is a lounge chair that incorporates a seat that is sitting on a frame, of which will be comprised of wooden dowels. I am drawn to the form that I have created in that the legs have an integral part in the form and mimick the angle that the chair sits on, which I find creates a pleasing visual language and has strong elements of 3 dimensional design that are working well.