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Plastics Enjoyer

Plastics Enjoyer is my 3D printed home goods project. In 2020, I began designing and 3D printing vases, candlestick holders, and other home goods, with the loose design parameters that the pieces be able to fit on my 3D printer bed, be easy to produce when an order comes in, be different than what was on the market, and be "fun"!


Form/Color Research

Plastics Enjoyer is an ongoing project with ever-changing inspiration, but the general initial inspiration for the brand came from high chroma colors, surfacing textures, clear plastic, and a mix of organic and rectilinear geometry. 

In addition to design research, I extensively researched the market for 3D printing home goods and competitor products and price points, which is where I found that there was a gap in the market for 3D printed homewares between $30-$45, which is where I aimed to price my products at.


Archive Models_03.jpg



I handle every aspect of production of Plastics Enjoyer - sending prints, finishing them, packing and shipping, even some light electronic soldering. (I've lost a pair of lululemon leggings in the soldering process, but as an enjoyer of plastics I have to trust the process.)

Current Products

Object Permanence Show

Plastics Enjoyer took part in the 8th Edition of Object Permanence, a design show in Los Angeles curated by Holland Denvir and Leah Ring. The prompt was "Piggy Bank" - designers were invited to create a piece that would be auctioned online, and all profits went to  Haven Neighborhood Services, a local organization that provides financial education to high-risk communities

My design was a very literal take on the prompt. I created a 2-part piggy bank that nested together with simple joints, that could be taken apart to retrieve coins at any time. The piggy bank was printed with dental resin used for mouthguards, which has a really beautiful natural purple hue. The bank was sanded for over 12 hours, to achieve a glass-like finish.


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