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Cabin Incense Burner

The Cabin Incense Burner was inspired by my friend’s obsession with collecting Incense of the West incense burners, and I wanted to try my hand at designing and fabricating my own cabin design burner.

Incense of the West Burners


For my cabin burner, I wanted to do a “mod” take on it, and I was interested in creating a mix of modern (ish) architecture elements with a classic log cabin look.


Rough ideation sketching lead me to the design I moved forward with, which blended a classic log cabin look with modern principles.

Process: I 3D modeled my final sketch and 3D printed it. After post processing the print, I created a mold from the master using Smooth-On silicone. With the mold, I poured thin layers of plaster until I built up enough thickness, allowing each layer to dry before pouring another. Using this method, I was able to create the piece with a hollow center, which was pertinent for it being a functional incense burner.


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