B. Sprout 2000 was created as a solution to a problem I've faced for years: brussels sprout cutting related injuries. Sprouts, as well as other small, round vegetables, are difficult to safely cut when your fingers are required to hold them in place. The B. Sprout 2000 is a solution that takes your fingers out of the equation, and away from the line of slice. 

I began with some ideation sketches to get me going on solving this problem. I considered multiple holding spots for sprouts, how knife lines would work, the size/shape of the holding spots, form of the board, etc. I wanted the board to solve the problem in the most utilitarian manner as possible, while still being aesthetically pleasing and something that a user would want to have on their kitchen counter, as introducing a new “specialty” cutting board into the kitchen might be off putting to users.

I then progressed to start making physical prototypes, which really got me going in the design process. Testing was important for this design, so that required physical models to be created. Through exploring various board sizes, hole sizes and size ranges, knife channel depths, and details, I was able to test various aspects of the brussels sprouts/small vegetable slicing process.

Testing using a board with what would become the final hole dimensions, and a slightly smaller knife channel. These tests helped me solve the knife channel width problem, indicating that it should be increased, and helped me nail down the divet that the sprout would be held in.

Final prototype:

3/4 inch bamboo, .25” channel cuts, 1-2” depth range. It was important for me to stress that while the board was inspired by brussels sprouts, you can slice any round vegetable or fruit that fits into the hole depth range. I wanted the board to be sustainable in every way; that it would not end up a frivolous kitchen gadget that gets pushed to the back of the cabinet. 

B. SPROUT 2000

B. Sprout 2000 is a cutting board inspired by brussels sprouts, designed for the safe slicing of round vegetables and fruits. B. Sprout 2000 was designed to go on Kickstarter, and its campaign launched on December 15th. The project merged design with business, as I was solving a problem and also considering how it would be produced in a certain quantity of units in a small amount of time if it became funded. B. Sprout 2000 was chosen as a "Project We Love" by Kickstarter staff, and reached over 200% funding. All boards were sent out in October, 2016, to over 200 happy customers.

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